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The Land of Dream and Love


critics about Coplu's work
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January 15, 20146 years ago

New Destinations for Coplu Paintings

Dear Friends,

We hope the Years Lunar or Earth, have started pouring lots of Love, happiness, health, prosperity, and joy into your doorsteps and you make a little effort to take them into your lives. Read more

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August 31, 20136 years ago

Presence of Mankind in the Universe

By T. M. P. Duggan, Art Historian

We don’t have eyes in the top of our heads to maintain our sense of relative proportion. One can then, as is recorded in this series of paintings see the vastness of space, of the extent, the distance potential in that journey of return. Read more

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February 12, 20119 years ago

Love it Takes Two

By Coline Milliard

What is more important than love? What is more fulfilling and thrilling than meeting one’s other half, the only being in the world that complements one perfectly? In his latest series of acrylics on canvas It Takes Two, Coplu celebrates the miracle of love. Read more

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February 11, 20119 years ago

Hopes Wonders of Existence

By Ana Finel Honigman

Coplu’s creatures appear soft and sweet but they grapple with the same existential concerns as us all. Like heroes from a fable, the challenges that these sympathetic creatures address are abstracted versions of common human concerns. Read more

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January 13, 200812 years ago

Dreaming of a Land of Cockayne

By Michael P. Duggan

We all have dreams and some of us dream even when we are awake, some of us are daydream believers and inhabit another world in our mind, like that world that was described in the Middle Ages in Europe as the “Land of Cockayne”. Read more